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We here at Flatline Remix company specialize in producing electronic dance remixes. There are countless styles we are capable of, however our specialty lies within the electro, house, and trance subgenres.

Our rates are very reasonable, and our work speaks for itself. Below are numerous examples of remixes, covers, and original productions.

Single-track Remix Project

Your music re-imagined. A single remix makes for an excellent bonus track on your next album or EP. This selection could also serve as a single with original production.

Multi-track Remix Project

An excellent way to keep your fans satisfied while you work on new material. This doesn't necessarily need to be a "remix album", it could also be an album with original production.


After all recording for your project is completed, it must be mixed to achieve a well-balanced sound. We offer mixing services regardless of where your project was recorded.


While we recommend that mastering is done by a third party, we do offer in-house mastering services that are affordable. All examples below have been mastered in-house.

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Chris Lewis

Owner, lead producer
phone: 336-685-1264

Chris Lewis has been producing electronic-based music since 2005.

Jan. 2011 - Chris had a remix of the single "Way Beyond Myself" featured on the Newsboys album Born Again (Miracles Edition)

Sep. 2011 - On two occasions, Rapzilla featured Trip Lee and Lecrae remixes, produced by Chris Lewis, on their homepage.

May 2012 - The Washington Projects released a remix album produced entirely by Chris Lewis called "Space Time Continuum" on May 22, 2012. You can order this album from: Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, ChristianBook, Family Christian, or a number of other fine retailers.

REMIX: Tedashii – Be Me
REMIX: Je’kob – Supernova [feat. Deraj]
REMIX: Hymns For Selena – My Jesus I Love Thee (feat. Michael Bleecker and Brea Hughes)
REMIX: The Digital Age – Glow
REMIX: Capital Kings – I feel So Alive
REMIX: David Crowder* Band – Everything Glorious
REMIX: David Crowder* Band – After All (Holy)
REMIX: Switchfoot – Afterlife
REMIX: Owl City – Good Time
REMIX: The Digital Age – All The Poor and Powerless
REMIX: Family Force 5 – Tank Top
REMIX: MuteMath – Odd Soul
REMIX: The Echoing Green – Revenge
ORIGINAL: Marty Robertson – Glory To The Lord On High
REMIX: Swimming With Dolphins – Sleep To Dream
COVER: Deas Vail – Light As Air [feat. Preston Hill]
COVER: Hillsong London – Till I See You [feat. Meredith Hodge]
COVER: Hillsong United – From The Inside Out [feat. Preston Hill]
REMIX: Lecrae – Boasting
REMIX: The Benediction – Unfailing Love
REMIX: Newsboys – Way Beyond Myself
REMIX: Underoath – Illuminator